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Accesibility in Tech

It's not every day you randomly receive a call from Google asking if you could lead the youth for an upcoming hackathon. When I received the call I was beyond excited to teach kids about the issue of accessibility in tech.

This was a weekend affair that would be split up into several distinct parts where kids could experience a wide variety of technology to learn about how to create a more inclusive technical world.

I even enlisted the help of some amazing friends to pull this off we had braille name badge activity, coding projects, LEGO challenges, and more.

Check these creatives out who are changing the community and help me make this possible

Craftsman and Apprentice - Crafts that build community for Denver youth

Imran Idrus Photography - Portrait Photographer for professionals, youth, startups

In the end, we gave some fun gifts to all the kids that showed up and helped us make a more accessible world!